Davey ASHS60-08T Max Pressure Boosting and Treatment Packages

Brand Davey
Model ASHS60-08T
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Davey Aquashield packaged systems are an all in one pressure boosting and treatment systems. Supplied complete with a neutral cover and factory tested they are ready to plumb into your water supply line and connect to a standard 10amp powerpoint.

The system contains a Davey pump and controller, Filterpure 2-stage filtration and Steriflo UV disinfection. Options are available for pumping rainwater using a Davey pump and Torrium controller or our industry leading RainBank for mixed rainwater and mains water supply.

The packages with handle flows up to 70 litres per minute.

  • Three stage treatment process for tank water supplies fore whole of house with flows up to 70 lpm.
  • Provides pressure boosting and control, two stage pre-filtration to 1um and UV disinfection.
  • Ideal for school toilet and shower blocks, commercial toilet flushing, guest house water supply and industry water treatment.


Aquashield MaxPressure Boosting and Treatment Packages Range:

Part NumberPumpControllerHead
ASHS60-08T HS60-08 Torrium(r)2 30m
ASHM60-10T HM60-10 Torrium(r)2 38m
ASH60-08RB HS60-08 RainBank(r) 30m
ASHM60-10RB HM60-10 RainBank(r) 38m
KASRBS1 D42A/B20 RainBank(r) 27m
KASRBS2 D53A/B20 RainBank(r) 40m











Torrium controllers are used when tank water is the exclusive cource of water.

RainBank controllers are used for areas that have mains water back up to their tank supply.


Selection Guide


aquashield system layout and components




Documents below are available for download
• Aquashield Packaged System Installation Instruction
• Domestic UV Range Brochure
• Aquashield Max Consumer Brochure
• Aquashield MAX Datasheet






Spec & Features
  • Features and technical specification of the product. Please contact us for further information and specifics.
  • Output Power
    0.76 kW
  • Inlet / Outlet
    1 1/4" / 1"
  • Flow Rate
    70 lpm
  • Head
  • Water temperature range
  • Pump casing
    304 stainless steel
  • Warranty
    2 Years
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