Davey Supercell 8L Pressure Tank (24008P)

Brand Davey
Model 24008P
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General information


Davey SuperCell steel tanks incorporate the latest internal designs for long tank life.


Robust hydro-pneumatic water pressure vessels of captive diaphragm design.

The new Davey Supercell "P" range of tanks are the direct replacement for the older Davey Supercell "C"  range of tanks.


Features & Benefits:

  • Captive diaphragm held firmly in a central position restricts movement allowing use of a thicker diaphragm material than a bag or bladder tank for longer life.

  • Heavy duty butyl diaphragm meets EEC requirements for potable water applications providing safe non toxic water storage.

  • Safe potable grade epoxy coating seals the water from the tank shell for long life.

  • Deep drawn steel shell with appliance like enamel finish protects against rusting for long life.


A range of capacities and pressures are available:


ModelDescriptionCapacity (L)Maximum Pressure kPaMounting TypeInletDiaphragm type
24008P SuperCell 8P 8 1000 Pipe 1"M Captive
24018P SuperCell 18P 18 1000 Pipe 1"M Captive
24040P SuperCell 40P 40 1000 Pipe 1"M Captive
24060P SuperCell 60P 60 1000 Free Standing 1"F Captive
24100P SuperCell 100P 100 1000 Free Standing 1"F Captive
24200G SuperCell 200G 200 1000 Free Standing 1 ¼"F Captive
24018PHP16 SuperCell 18PHP16 18 1600 Pipe 1"M Captive
24080PHP16 SuperCell 80PHP16 80 1600 Free Standing 1"F Captive
24024HP25 SuperCell 24 high pressure 24 2500 Pipe 1"M Captive
24100HP25 SuperCell 100 high pressure 100 2500 Free Standing 1"M Captive


Spec & Features
  • Features and technical specification of the product. Please contact us for further information and specifics.
  • Capacity (litres)
  • Tank Shell
  • Maximum water temperature
    90 C
  • Minimum water temperature
    1 C
  • Nominal Drawoff (litres)
  • Max. Pressure
    1000 kPa
  • Mounting Type
  • Warranty
    5 Years
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