Davey SJ35-04PC Silver Series Garden Pump With Pressure Control

Brand Davey
Model SJ35-04PC
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These are automatic models, suitable for connection permanently to a power supply and will start according to demand and stop according to flow demands. These models have anti-cycling controls; they are less likely to stop and start under low flow conditions. These models have both closed head protection as well as loss of prime protection.


Davey Water Products range of Silver Series pumps are the ideal solution for backyard rainwater harvesting. 

Silver Series pumps are ideal for pressurising rainwater for:

  • Garden watering
  • Pool and spa filling
  • Car washing
  • General backyard water transfer
  • Garden irrigation systems

Silver Series pumps come with a choice of control options, from manual to full automatic systems with 'No Water Protection', and 'Low Flow Shut-down'.
Silver Series pumps provide ample water pressure to power:

  • A garden hose with spray nozzle fitted.
  • A garden spray system with up to 25 micro jet sprays.
  • A garden dripper system with up to 200 garden drippers (4 litre per hour drippers).
  • Two small impact sprinklers

 Pump Curve:

silver curves

 Silver Series Range:

TypeDescriptionFlow RatekW(P2)InletOutlet
SJ35-04 Davey garden watering jet pump - manual operation 50 lpm 0.37 1" 1"
SJ35-04PC Davey garden watering pump with presscontrol 50 lpm 0.37 1” 1"
SJ60-08PC Davey garden watering pump with presscontrol 80 lpm 0.75 1 ¼” 1"








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Spec & Features
  • Features and technical specification of the product. Please contact us for further information and specifics.
  • Output Power
    0.37 kW
  • Inlet / Outlet
    1 inch F / 1 inch M
  • Max. Flow
    50 lpm
  • Max Pressure
    350 kPa
  • Protection (motor)
  • Suitable fluids
    Clean potable water of neutral ph containing no solids or abrasives
  • AS/NZS 4020
    for use in contact with safe drinking water
  • Warranty
    2 Years
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