AcquaSaver - 1" 25mm Rainwater to Mains Water Diversion Valve

Brand AcquaSaver
Model AcquaSaver 1"
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General information

Removing and bypassing rainwater tank pump systems due to customers running out of water unexpectedly? 

AcquaSaver is a mechanical auto changeover valve meaning it won't stop working unexpectedly. With no possibility of solenoid valve or electrical failure, pump systems using the Water Widget offer better reliability than an electronic changeover system. 

AcquaSaver can be used in conjunction with the complete range of Wilo domestic surface and submersible water supply pump systems 


  • Easy to Install
  • Full flow 1" outlets
  • Watermark approved to ATS/NZS 5200.477
  • Solid forged brass (nickel plated) - Weatherproof - Built to last!
  • No regular maintenance
  • No electrical components
  • No standby electrical consumption
  • Suitable for any surface and submersible pressure pump
  • No float required on auto restarting pumps
  • Can be mounted in any position and any distance from the pump
  • Can be mounted directly onto the pump
  • Certified dual check valve for backflow prevention
  • Hydraulically operated
  • Max Mains Pressure  1000 KPa
  • Max Pump Pressure  350 KPa
  • Max Flow Rate         100 Lpm
  • Max Water Temperature      50 C
  • Min Water Temperature       0 C
  • Pump Inlet     25mm 1” BSP F
  • Mains Water in         25mm 1” BSP F
  • Outlet  25mm 1” BSP F


  • 1 x AcquaSaver 


  • Gross Weight: 1.6kg

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Spec & Features
  • Features and technical specification of the product. Please contact us for further information and specifics.
  • Max Mains Pressure
    1000 kpa
  • Max Pump Pressure
    350 kpa
  • Max Flow Rate
    100 Lpm
  • Max Water Temperature
    50 C
  • Min Water Temperature
    0 C
  • Pump Inlet
    25mm 1” BSP F
  • Mains Water inlet
    25mm 1” BSP F
  • Mains Water outlet
    25mm 1” BSP F
  • Weight
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