Davey PowerMaster PMECO2 Energy Efficient 6 Star Pool Pump

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Model PMECO2
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The Davey PowerMaster ECO PMECO2 is a 2 speed pool pump allows you to choose from ECO flow for pool filtration, and flow for automatic pool cleaning, backwash or high bather load. It also has a small physical footprint to fit those tight and confined spaces.


Low Power Usage Low Cost - Comes with 6 Star energy efficiency rating, with super low emissions and even lower power usage.

Intelligent - Two speed control for efficient use all year round.

Energy and Costs Savings - Great energy savings at less cost.

Lower Noise Levels - Quiet noise level of only 60.5db,allowing you to run your pump at any time of day or night.

Davey Dependability Built In - Using proven AC motor technology, the PowerMaster® ECO 2 Speed offers dependability you have come to expect from all Davey products.

3 Year Guarantee - peace of mind from an Australian designed and engineered pool pump.


PowerMaster ECO

TypeInput WattsSound LevelBasket SizeSpeedFeaturesStar Rating
PMECO 990 64dBa Standard 3 Speed Energy Saving 8 Star
PMECO2 1510 64dBa Standard 2 Speed Energy Saving, economical 6 Star





pmeco2 graph


Pump Curve & Dimensions (mm)


pmeco2 chart


Documents below are available for download

• PowerMaster Pool Pumps Consumer Brochure
• PowerMaster Eco Datasheet
• PowerMaster Datasheet
• PMECO2 Datasheet
• PMECO Datasheet
• PowerMaster Installation and Operating Instructions
• PowerMaster ECO Installation and Operating Instructions
Spec & Features
  • Features and technical specification of the product. Please contact us for further information and specifics.
  • RPM (Eco)
    Flow Speed - 1450
  • RPM (Hi)
    Flow Speed - 2850
  • Motor Input Power (W / hp) - Eco
    Eco Flow - 279W / 0.24 hp
  • Motor Input Power (W / hp) - Hi
    Hi Flow - 1510W/ 2.02 hp
  • Motor Output Power (W / hp) -Eco
    Eco Flow - 223W / 0.3 hp
  • Motor Output Power (W / hp) - Hi
    Hi Flow – 1208W / 1.62 hp
  • Maximum water temperature
  • Warranty
    3 Years
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